【Exhibition Information】 2019 Taiwan Daily Necessities and Patent Products Business Conference

The "2019 Taiwanese Living Goods and Patent Merchandise Business Meeting" sponsored by the Taiwan Trade Center sponsored by the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs will come to Japan from September 9th to 13th. It was held on September 9 in Fukuoka (Hotel Okura Fukuoka), September 11 in Osaka (Swiss Hotel Nankai Osaka), and September 13 in Tokyo (Palace Hotel Tokyo).

[Select Comb Knowledge] Do you know how to choose a comb that suits you?

Many people think that the main function of the comb is to comb the hair, but in the process of combing the comb, the comb will contact the scalp and the hair, generating friction. If you pick the wrong comb, it will cause too much pressure on the scalp, and the hair is also prone to friction Force and break. If you want to be good at your job, you must first sharpen your weapon. The quality of a comb is enough to affect the health of your scalp or the suppleness of your hair. Therefore, choose a good comb that suits you. Avoid the risk of hair falling into frizz or knotting, and realize the desire for beautiful hair.